An historic Regimental Association celebrating
78th Highland Regiment (Fraser's)

The Honourable Simon Fraser, 18th Lord Lovat of Fraser, 25th MacShimidh (Chief of Clan Fraser of Lovat) and our Colonel in Chief since 1995.
Proud Canadian History
Historic Scottish Heritage
Splendid British Tradition
The proud history and romantic traditions of the 78th Highland Regiment ("The Fraser's")
are celebrated by the members of today's 78th Fraser Highlanders!

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The 78th Fraser Highlanders commemorated and remembered the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (13 September 1759) with a dinner graced with regimental and Scottish tranditions. The 78th Fraser Highlanders was honoured to have Lt. Col Jim Osborne Quartermaster and Garrison Bard of the 78th Calgary Garrison [ ]. He read out greetings to our garrison from our Colonel-in-Chief Simon Fraser the 18th Lord Lovat. The dinner also featured address in reply from our Predient and Officer In Charge (OIC), Jim Barrett.
The 78th Fraser Highlanders were front and centre and opened the 91st BC Highland Games and ScotFest at Town Centre Park in Coquitlam on theweekend of Satruday 17 June. The Highlanders on Friday evening participated in the Opening Ceremonies with the firing of our cannon. The Fraser Highlanders with
V/Sgt Alistair Beaton, Maj Jim Barrett (OiC and President of the Garrison), Lt. John Hooker, Captain Chris Hoskins, and Hon. Lt. Col. Mike Redmond formed the Gun Crew with V/Sgt Paul Keenleyside and guests Alaura Ross, and Captain Jiri Motak. . Satruday The Frasers had a musket firing demonstration together with chats with the visitors about our history most noteably the participating in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, and showing the Brown Bess smooth bore Land Pattern and Tower Pattern Musket. It was Scottish weather Saturday morning that gave way to sunny skies and warm temperature in the afternoon.
The 78th Fraser Highlanders were front and centre at the 51st Hyak Parade and Festival, an annual tradition in New Westminster, The Fraser Highlanders with
Lt. John Hooker, Captain Chris Hoskins, and Hon. Lt. Col. Mike Redmond fired off a rousing demonstration of our Brown Bess smooth boreLand Pattern Muskets. The musket was introduced to the British army in 1740 and remained the primary arnament until the 1830s. The Hyak Festival has been a fixture in the city of New Westminster since its founding as a BC Centennial celebration in 1971.
The 78th Fraser Highlanders gathered at Bessbourgh Armoury in celebrating The Scottish Baird Robbie Burns (25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796) with our annual Robbie Burns Supper. After a very well attended evening reception of frends and members, the attendees gathered to witness the arrival of the Haggis which was aboard the Garrison's Trenchard borne and carried by Capt. Chris Hoskins, and Hon. Lt. Col Michael Redmond. The Haggis was led in to its demise, escorted and piped in by Lt. Ed McIlwaine, the arrival commanded by Major Jim Barrett OIC. Upon arrival the Haggis received The Address of The Haggis by The Reverend, Captain (Ret'd) Gordon Barrett. The Rev. Captain then ended the short life of the Haggis with the use of his Sgian-dubh The attendees then moved to the dinning area. The Immortal Memory of Rabbie Burns was delivered by John Harbick. The Head table was of Major Barrett, Patricia Barrett CD, John Harbick, Capt Hoskins, and M'Lady Linda Hoskin. HLCol Norm Pope shared in the Whisky toast. Our piper Lt. Ed McIlwaine led the signing and piped the Lament to conclude a most magificent evening.
The 78th Frasers were honoured to be the Colour Guard for the 120th, the 2023 edition of the Strathcona Cup Curling series, the matchup in curling Canadians against Scots. The 4th game of the West was held at the Royal City Curling Club in New Westminster on 13 January. The Cup series has been played every 5 years since 1903. The 2023 edition has 350 games across Canada including 7 in B.C. (Delta - 2 games, White Rock, New Westminster, Vernon - 2 games, and Kelowna) The winner of the series receives the Strathcona Cup, there was a Cup commissioned by Lord Strathcona (Sir Donald Smith a Scottish Canadian businessman, who among his interests helped with the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway). Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood and Lord Strathcona School were named after him. Click on the photo above to view pictures and to read more about the Strathcona Cup.

The 78th Frasers proudly employ our cannon and muskets at
Highland Games and other events.
Click on a picture to view a demonstration of the firing.

The "Fort Fraser Garrison " is constituted as a military historical society, dedicated to preserving the memory and story of the Regiment, and "The 78th Fraser Highlanders Association of Vancouver" operates as a duly registered charitable organisation supporting youth
in British Columbia
The Fraser Highlanders' Charity Supporting Youth Programmes

Kidsafe Vancouver

When school is out, Kidsafe is in! Kidsafe provides vulnerable children with the safety, supervision, nutritious meals and educational programming they need and deserve but lack access to due to their challenging life circumstances. The 78th Fraser Highlanders are very proud to support KidSafe and their work to provide a place while school is out for Vancouver children. Click on the thank you card we received from Kidsafe to view a larger version and to learn more about Kidsafe.
  Heritage Fairs

Fraser Highlander Mark Dwor giving our cheque to the Vancouver Heritage Fairs for $600. The Fair encourage students in Vancouver schools to take an interest in Canadian history in Vancouver Heritage Fairs where Grade 7 students in Vancouver are inspired to study and write about Canadian history. The students then create presentations and projects similar to a school science fair. The presentation and project highlights their chosen aspect of Canadian history or culture and present their project to their classmates, parents and community.
Congratulations to the essay winners of the 78th Fraser Highlanders' Prize for
Scottish-Canadian History"!

Ms Julia Gabriel won 1st place for her essay "Why not go to Hudson's Bay Country" with Mr. Keith Wise winning 2nd place for his essay "Race in the Atlantic World:Scottish Enlightment Views On Race and their Influence at Home and Abroad". The competition was open to students of SFU HIS 448 overseen by Director of SFU Scottish Studies Dr. Katie McCullough. PhD. The 78th Frasers have proudly been great supporters of SFU Scottish Studies. Click on the image to view Dr. McCullough's letter and learn more about Ms. Gabriel and Mr. Wise.
St. John Ambulance Cadet Corps
(New Westminster)

The Fraser Highlanders donated $300 to the St. John Ambulance Cadet Corps in New Westminster. to help fund uniforms and training for the St. John Ambulance Cadet Corps this month. The Fraser Highlanders Adjutant joined Hon. Col. Westminster Rgmt Karen Baker-McGrotty of the Westminster Reg’t with members of the St. John Cadet Corps. First established in Quebec 1884, St John Ambulance provides Health and safety training and volunteer community services

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All events at 15th Field RCA Officers Mess, Bessborough Armoury, 2025 West 11th Avenue, Vancouver, unless
otherwise noted. Dinner dates may shift a week depending on availability of Officer's Mess at Bessborough.

Organisers of outside events may change their dates
Robbie Burns Dinner 24 January 2024 (Saturday)
Whiskey Tasting 1 March 2024 (Friday)
Celtic Fest - Cloverdale TBD
Visit to SFU Scottish Studies TBD
Annual General Meeting 16 March 2024 (Saturday)
Ste Foy Dinner 20 April 2024 (Saturday)
Victoria Highland Games - Victoria 19 & 19 May 2024
(Saturday, Sunday)
Hyak Festival - New Westminster 25 May 2024 (Saturday)
BC Highland Games - Coquitlam 15 June, 2024 (Saturday
Seige of Louisbourg Barbeque (OC's Residence, Coquitlam)   29 June 2024 (Saturday)
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