Wardlaw Mausoleum
Simon Fraser 11th Lord of Lovat (1667 - 1747) also known as "The Old Fox" is said to be buried in this mausoleum. He along with other Highlanders were defeated at the Battle of Culloden. He was tried and convicted of treason against the Crown. He was the last man beheaded in Britian. He had requested burial at Wardlaw. The government changed its mind after agreeing, and buried him in the floor of the Tower of London instead. Lore said he was in fact buried here at Wardlaw. For 9 days between after execution and burial his body could be viewed for 1 penny. It has been said friends of family members swapped bodies and it is someone else buried in the floor of the chapel. A story goes that he was brought north to Inverness aboard a merchant ship which sailed Beuley Firth to Wardlaw.

The mausoleum, located in Kirkhill 8 miles west of Inverness, is in Wardlaw Graveyard It was built in 1634 as the burial place for the Lovat Frasers on the end of the original parish church. There are 6 coffins in the crypt. His is said to be on the far left.

The roof of the mausoleum was raised and a tower added in 1722 by the then Lord Lovat, the ‘Old Fox’ of the Jacobite Rebellion who was later buried in the crypt. It was used by the Lovats until the early 19th century.

In June 2017, members from the Fort Fraser Garrison paid homage with a pilgrimmage visit to the mausoleum.

A Brief History of the Lovat Frasers at Wardlaw Mausoleum by Paul K Lang of Living History Presentations
An overflight by drone of Wardlaw Mausoleum
Pictures taken by Capt. Mike Redmond - Scottish Tour June 2017
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