An historic Regimental Association celebrating
78th Highland Regiment (Fraser's)

The Honourable Simon Fraser Lord Lovat
25th Chief of Clan Fraser of Lovat - Colonel in Chief
Proud Canadian History
Historic Scottish Heritage
Splendid British Tradition
The proud history and romantic traditions of the 78th Highland Regiment (Fraser's) are celebrated by
the members of today's 78th Fraser Highlanders!

Current Edition
October, 2015
Special Feature

Follow a virtual road trip to visit the locations of
Canadians at the Battle of the Somme, Vimy Ridge,
Passendale andYpres Belgium ( WWI )

As Mess events are restricted to members and their guests, please contact us if you would like an invitation
to attend a formal dinner evening. please contact the Adjutant for more information

He can be reached by email:

We would be most pleased to have you join us!
28 Nov Feast of St. Andrew
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In Vancouver, the "Fort Fraser Garrison " is constituted as a military historical society,
dedicated to preserving the memory and story of the Regiment, and
"The 78th Fraser Highlanders Association of Vancouver"
operates as a duly registered charitable organisation supporting youth in British Columbia

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